Along with many pop-up workshop events we have run throughout Dandifest and local well-being festivals, our most popular is Dress, Paint, and Pose like a Dandy (DPPLAD).

Dandy Christina used to run live, costumed drawing sessions for the clients at the art-focussed adult day centre Barrington Farm. We decided to make this a Dandy focus, pulling out our textiles and costume-making skills along with our painting and drawing talents, and Dress, Paint, Pose was born.

DPPLAD is an interactive workshop where we provide a big rack of original costumes that people can wear. We have an ornate chaise longue area where people can pose, and all around are easels and tables and materials set up so that other people can paint the models. The workshop was run by the Dandies, hosted by fabulous Drag Queens (Pequilla BigTopp, Oozing Gloop, Putinka and Mavizz) with talented musician Cath Evans improvising piano music throughout the day to help create a calming, creative space.

We have popped up with this workshop at many health and well being festivals, hospitals, charity and Pride events. In 2015 and 2018 Arts Council England and Norwich County Council funded us to take DPPLAD on tour to people that could normally access these workshops.


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