Norwich Dandies

Summary Tour 2018 at Stepping Stones

Stepping Stones is a small, vibrant charity for adults with learning disabilities in the heart of Norwich. Its aim is to enrich lives by buildingĀ skills, independence and making informed choices.

We set up in the art studio and draped the annex room with colour fabric hung from the rafters and put the chaise-long up in the corner. Cath Evans set up her piano in the lounge room and played music heard through out all day. We opened up the space moving tables out and put up rows of easels and chairs. The dressing up area was put in a corner of the lounge under a wonderful quilted scene of Norwich the resident's had made previously. Everyone enjoyed dressing up and posing with Putinca and everyone had fun painting and laughing. The Dandies praised the artist's great work and exhibited it in our outside gallery from the side of the building in the sun, which many a passer-by enjoyed.

At Lunchtime we were invited to a delicious homegrown lunch made by the residence cooking team. After yummy dessert we all sat in a circle and listened to an amazing story written by one of the residents and had a positive Q&A discussion. After lunch we continued painting together and later packed up ready for our next Dress, Paint and Pose event.

You can find images of the event in the gallery and on the Stepping Stones Facebook page.


Monday 23rd July 2018


Stepping Stones, 52 Magdalen Road, Norwich, NR3 4AQ (map)

Sponsers of the Summer Tour 2018

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