Norwich Dandies

Summer Tour 2018 at NANSA

NANSA has worked for over 60 years to improve the lives of people in Norfolk with physical, sensory and learning disabilities. NANSA is a local independent charity and believes that all people with disabilities are entitled to full inclusion in society.

We set up in one of the day care activity rooms. We hung the backdrops around the room and dressing up in the middle. Cath set up her piano in front of the back drop and the chaise-long beside her. Easels and chairs were put in the front and people in the far end of the room sat round a large table. People in wheelchairs sat at easels in the spaces between.

The room was filled and very busy. One of the Dandies gave a brief talk on what we were going to do and then everyone got stuck in. Some of the artists were skilled in abstract painting, while others had individual styles of working. We hung the work outside a long the railings as the day went on. The room had a quick change round at lunchtime and turned into a hive of a fine diner. After lunch we changed the room back back and continued painting and limited the dressing up to fancy hats as the heat wave was hard going for costume wearers.

As the day went on the resident's wanted to show us there hidden talents. One older lady played beautifully on Cath's Piano while we all listened on amazed. A younger man desperate to show us his singing and dancing talent and got the whole room dancing to Gangnam style.

We all were offered an ice lolly to cool down after the high energy of the day and then we packed the van, ready for another big day of painting, posing and dressing like dandies. You can view images of the event in the gallery.


Wednesday 25th July 2018


NANSA Day Centre, 200 Bowthorpe Road, Norwich, NR2 3TZ (map)

Sponsers of the Summer Tour 2018

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