Norwich Dandies

Dandifest 2017

The poster for Dandifest 2017.

Dandifest 2017 celebrates the 50th anniversary of homosexuality becoming partially legalised in the UK. We'll explore diversity, make a stand against violence and pledge solidarity with the bees.

Our main hub is once again St Margaret's Church of Art on St Benedicts Street. From 24th April to 6th May 2017 you can visit us daily between 10am and 5pm to view new work by the Norwich Dandies and guest artists, including Hayley Hare, David Shenton, Falcon Scott and the Golden Bee Dew – an Australian collective which creates bee-themed work.

St Margaret's is also where we'll have the opening party on Tuesday 25th April, from 6 to 10pm. There'll be lots of art, performances, poetry, music, as well a well-stocked bar. We hope to see you there.

If you can't wait, there are already exhibitions in the Birdcage pub, Eaton Park Café and Great Yarmouth Library. From 20th April you'll also see art popping up in shop all around the Norwich Lanes.

During the two weeks there'll be plenty of workshops at St Margaret's. Among others, you can learn to how to do life drawings, sing with Edwina Blush, make egg tempera paints and improve your knitting skills.

More information about all events can be found below. You can also download the festival programme as a PDF. There's also a Dandifest 2017 blog.

Dandifest 2017 calendar

Date Event(s)
Mon 10 Apr
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Sat 15 Apr
Sun 16 Apr
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Mon 17 Apr
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16 Apr
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